After School Computing Clubs

Outstanding, after school, extracurricular, computing clubs

When it’s the children who demand more, you know your enrichment activities are working!

ComputerXplorers delivers high quality computing enrichment activities through its highly interactive and inspiring technology sessions across all areas of the Midlands and Cotswolds.

We have access to an exciting range of software and peripherals to bring computers and technology to life for children across Key Stages 1 & 2.

Programming, digital storytelling, animation, web design, coding, robotics, forensic science, video game design, music technology - the list is endless

Our sessions are always fun and have the added benefit of delivering tangible education and technology skills – creating children who are e-confident and competent: a great head-start in life, adding a fantastic boost to their all-important STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills.

Parents are engaged with our weekly Parent Updates

Weekly parent updates keep parents engaged and informed of progress and suggest additional activities for their children at home.

Everything is provided making for a hassle-free after school club!

We provide trained instructors, lesson plans, the software and exciting technology peripherals.

Our programmes can be tailored to meet a school’s requirements and are always fun, educational and engaging.

We run our clubs at many schools across Birmingham & Solihull. However, if we are not at your child's school then please contact your child's teacher, or the Headteacher and ask them to contact us on 0121 386 3700 to discuss running classes there. The school can benefit from use of our software while we run clubs and we're always happy share tips and advice on delivering the Computing curriculum.

They may also be interested in knowing ahout our enrichment workshops like "Motor Maths", "Robotics"or our "LEGO Stem days" so please feel free to share these details.

For safeguarding reasons, children cannot attend ComputerXplorers at a school other than their own.

After School Computing Clubs - Preparing Children for the Future!

  • Fun after school and extracurricular computing clubs run by our specialists
  • Hands-on and interactive
  • Easy to plan and hassle-free to run
  • Innovative, age-appropriate lesson plans, software and peripherals
  • Fully aligned with the Computing National Curriculum
  • All staff have Enhanced DBS checks
  • Suitable for all primary school ages and abilities including special needs and gifted and talented children
  • Enabling children to be creators of technology, not just consumers of it
  • From coding to animation and everything in between - take a look at Some of our Programmes here!

Research shows: After School Clubs help to close the attainment gap

Research funded by the Nuffield Foundation, found taking part in activities after the formal school day could play a role in closing the attainment gap between children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and those with more family resources. Not only were they found to have improved academic achievements, but they also developed better social, emotional and behavioural skills.

Enrichment activities supported by Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium allows schools to offer wide-ranging support, including out-of school clubs, to the most disadvantaged pupils, and is helping

to close the attainment gap. Computing skills are critical to future opportunities for today's children. Talk to us about computing after school clubs supported by Pupil Premium funding to help prepare all children for the future.

Click here to read about the research on the BBC website or here for the full research report: "Out of school activities at primary school and KS2 attainment".

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