Some of our programmes

Technology-based computing and STEM workshops, in curriculum time classes, specialist pre-school technology sessions and hundreds of after school activities are delivered each week to thousands of children by ComputerXplorers across the UK. ComputerXplorers offers expert computing classes across the Midlands

We offer a huge range of technology based workshops, classes, activities and clubs including programming and coding, 3D and 2D animation, music technology, robotics, engineering, web design and digital literacy.

Here are just a few examples of the courses designed to ensure that Primary School children sharpen their STEM skills and all children, from pre-schoolers up, develop a passion for technology that will really prepare them for the future.

LEGO® Robotics and Engineering

Build and program a robot! Develop STEM skills! Use the latest LEGO® robotics technology to program sensors to make the robot react to its surroundings.   Read More

Programming Video Games with Kodu

Using XBox controllers as the means of programming their video game increases motivation levels and allows for rapid game development. Read More

Micro:bit for Primary Schools

Exciting, hands-on micro:bit classes and workshops for primary and secondary school children. Fun, physical computing and coding for all. School workshops, after-school clubs and more. Read More

Creative Tech Animation

Looking for STEM+? Put the A into "STEAM" with our creative coding and animation classes. Tell stories, build games, learn to program in this arts focused programme. Read More

Stop-Motion Animation

Children get creative learning skills such as story-boarding and onion skinning to make their own stop motion films. A favourite class with all age ranges. Read More

3D Modelling and CAD

Create, modify and share amazing 3D models! This is a unique programme that will get children learning – and think they’re just having fun! Read More